All your work files in one place.
Your work files are scattered all across emails, cloud storage, communication apps, work devices and a lot more. With LearnBee, you’ll find a file when you need it the most. No more wasting time!
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Welcome your more-productive self
With LearnBee, search for files across all your connected apps. No more going back and forth or going shoulder-tapping for a file. When you need it, you got it.
LearnBee connects with all your favourite apps
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Pick up where you left off
With LearnBee, easily access the files that you are currently working on. With the ‘file feed’, relevant files never get buried and are always within your reach.
Share files easily
A big Photoshop document, a spreadsheet or even raw video files, share anything quickly with anyone.
Your files are secure on LearnBee
All the data on LearnBee is encrypted using AES-256 GCM encryption. All the user data is logically separated with a container. Your data is never mixed-up with anyone else’s.
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