All your team’s knowledge in one place.
Big or small, teams have their knowledge scattered all across emails, cloud storage, communication apps, work devices etc. LearnBee brings all this knowledge together. Searchable.
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Find all your files in one place
Almost always, key files either get buried or stay unorganised. They're also scattered across various apps. With LearnBee find everything in one place and find it when you need it the most. No going back and forth.
LearnBee connects with all your favourite apps
& growing
Upload or create new files
Upload files from your device to LearnBee with just one click. You can also create new documents from your favourite apps without any hassle.
Make your knowledge accessible to your teammates
Share files with people that matter and leave scattered access-permissions in the dust. Add context to create meaningful threads. Debate, discuss, agree or disagree. You can do it all!
Watch your team's knowledge magically organise itself
With conversations, everything you share on LearnBee is intact and is in its right place. Searchable. Don't let clutter come anywhere near you!
LearnBee is home for your team and its knowledge
Everything that is shared on LearnBee is waiting to be retrieved when you'd need it the most. People in your team might leave one day, but their knowledge never will.
With LearnBee, bring your team to its productive best whilst capturing all its knowledge
LearnBee Alpha is out now! Take it for a spin
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