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Key features

Personalized On-Demand Learning
Get your team excited about learning by providing on-demand access to content and enable learning from any connected device.
Easy-to-use Content Creation Tools
Build your own course, integrate videos from YouTube, dip into our content library or work with our content team to create awesome courses.
Comprehensive User Management
Users can be segmented based on attributes to automate course assignment and enable better tracking.
Assessment and Survey Tools
Create quizzes, assessments and surveys seamlessly as part of the course or as a stand-alone to capture responses/feedback.
Powerful Analytics
Track learner progress and download detailed performance reports. Get customized comparison reports across roles and competencies.
Uninterrupted Learning Experiences
No internet. No worries. The save offline feature in our mobile app ensures an uninterrupted learning experience.

LearnBee can help you

On-board new recruits faster

Whether it is pre-joining learning or induction training, you can cut down on-boarding time for new recruits significantly.

Unlock your sales team's potential

Bring in more revenues by training your distributed sales teams on new products, pitching strategies, objection handling, trade schemes and more.

Inspire great managers

Don't just stop with a one-to-many training model. Get the managers involved, so they can use LearnBee to coach their teams too.

How it works

Created with Sketch. Design Training Modules Create training modules Refine the solution Track the progress and performance Productive workforce Happy employees Manage users and assign modules Identify the business problem

Success stories

Enhanced Product Revenue Mix
Secondary offtake at a retail store is a function of retailer's knowledge about the various products and trade schemes. Frontline sales executives have a crucial role of educating the retailer on the same. The mobile-based product training solution helped Nestle's sales executives to effectively train the retailers and thereby enhanced the product revenue mix.
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Build a culture of learning in your team